A Nation of Reason

“As Solerans revere the sun so too do others revere Solaris.” – Soleran heirarch

Solaris is the center of civilization in Mundi Somniorum, and has recently leapt into a new Age of Reason. It is a sister nation to Rivera; through good times and bad their fates are intertwined. Solaris is home to all of the great thinkers in Mundi Somniorum, where pioneering efforts are made every day in the fields of mathematics, alchemy, architecture, engineering, academics, and more. Solaris is in the most favorable geographical position in terms of trade, and this fact has acted as a rapid accelerant to their growth as a nation.

Where Solaris is advanced culturally and scientifically, one could say it is in equal measure morally degenerate. Corruption, greed, and cruelty are rampant in the city. In this place where intellectual pursuits are at their greatest so too are the base and criminal. Many abhorrent practices can be found here, from the trafficking of sentients to hired assassins to strange services meant to satiate the appetites of wealthy deviants.

Solaris is a city of stifling bureaucracy and political puppetry; the ladder to high society is forged of silver and political connections. In contrast to the static caste system of Rivera, here anyone may seek a better place in life, should they possess the requisite cunning and moral flexibility to seize it from another.

The city is built on tiers, growing taller and taller approaching the center: the location of the Soleran capitol. The capitol building is an extravagant landmark, a tower stretching towards the heavens. Visible for miles beyond the crescent valley, the capitol acts as a symbol of the superiority of Solaris. At the head of the tower is a large bronze statue of a hand reaching skyward, as if to touch the sun.


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