A Nation of Pride and Solitude

“The Sea gives Rivera all she needs; to depend on others is folly.” – Riveran fisherman

Rivera is a sister nation to Solaris; through good times and bad their fates are intertwined. The people of Rivera are mostly self-sufficient. Until the recent blight they subsisted on the fertile farmland and fishing industry. Rivera also controls the only route of trade across the Black Sea, a connection alone that has kept their alliance with Solaris intact at certain points in history.

Rivera is a feudal society with a strict caste system: there are serfs, warriors, and lords, as well as a merchant/artisan middle class. Riveran warlords are at constant odds with each other, each trying to gain and maintain dominance. The warrior caste are kept in constant readiness for battle, but in their ample free time during periods of peace will terrorize the common folk. There is no central institution of law or enforcement thereof within Rivera, instead each lord makes laws for his own land and his warriors enforce them.

Despite what seem like poor conditions, deeply rooted within the Riveran cultural mindset is a sort of easygoing optimism. At the heart of this positive outlook is the idea that life should be celebrated, and that should bad times come, nature will always provide. As such, Riverans are a hearty and friendly people known for their hospitality, often willing to share drink and tale with a wandering traveller. In Riveran culture there is almost no drive for progress, as the highest powers (the lords) are entirely occupied with securing more of the existing resources, and the common people (mostly illiterate) do not see the benefit in purely academic pursuits. Much of the advancement in Soleran culture is lost on the Riveran populace, who see little use in that which does not enhance their basic survival.


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